Networking is our Passion


At Connecting 5 Continents networking is our passion! We are a worldwide freight network!

Today, more and more cargo agencies are joining freight forwarding networks, as they are seeing the benefits of joining together for mutual benefit and expanding their global network of logistics resources. 

C5C is a logistics network that is focused on quality.  We attain such quality through our comprehensive selection process which includes personal visits at our agents’ offices.  We also analyze other factors about their business as well as allowing for an optional recommendation from one of our trusted members.  We take pride in our members and it is of the utmost importance that we select the best candidates to join our freight forwarding / logistics network.  

We continuously monitor business transactions between members making sure that everything is running smoothly within our logistics network.  Our administration team monitors our members’ outstanding dues and sends out payment reminders when necessary.  By working with one of our partners, you can rest assured that invoices will be settled and that you are working with a reliable partner.  We have a set of rules and guidelines that members must follow for the benefit of all members.  This is in order to ensure a system that generates new business opportunities for all members involved.  This is the basis behind our network. 

For us networking is not limited to offering only a platform.  We simply enjoy bringing people together and this is what Connecting 5 Continents is all about.  Networking is our passion! 

C5C is not only a directory of freight forwarders, it´s a freight forwarder´s family! 

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