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Here is what our members have to say about us:


Peter De Bock, Paccon LogisticsPeter de Bock, Director of PACCON Logistics, triple winner of the C5C contribution award, enlisted in Australia and New Zealand:
Our primary reason for joining a “network” was that we had a need to fill gaps in our existing network. Further, our relationships with many existing agents were not long term but expedient. When we were approached by C5C  to join this network, our investigations showed that the quality of the membership was superior to other “networks” that we had previously considered and discarded. We have now been members with C5C for five years and we certainly have been able to fulfil our needs, replacing many of our previous agents with C5C members as their quality and ethic matches the principals upon which the C5C membership thrives. An added benefit to the membership is the C5C networks financial security program.

Ganesh Iyer Royal ForwardersGanesh Iyer, Director of ROYAL FORWARDERS, founding member and triple winner of the C5C contribution award, enlisted in India:
It is important to meet all the delegates and at least discuss business during our network meetings and breaks..
It is often seen in C5C we could interact with almost all the members and discuss business..
It is in our opinion is a great advantage.


Martin MoinMartin Moin, Director of UE Canada, enlisted in Canada:
C5C members are highly educated punctual and responsive. In a very short period of time (December- 2012) to date that we joined “C5C” we secured business with other “C5C”  members a volume by far higher than many years of being with other net-work groups.
We at Toronto office would like to thank each and every member of “C5C” and in particular members that we closely are doing business
“C5C” regardless of their location are quick to reply, honest with rate quotes and professional in their work.
Thank you Victor and Helmut for bringing quality together, unlike some other networks that are proud quantity. 


Henry Rang Seashuttle

Henry Tang, Director of SEASHUTTLE Services, founding member, enlisted in China P.R.:
C5C made us doing business more easier and sometimes can establish friendship since you can meet them every year.
C5C is not a big network but like a international family, doing business among members made me feel comfortable and trustable.

Gino Huang EversailGino Huang, Director of Eversail Group, enlisted in China P.R.:
C5C is a professional network with payment protection programme in good tracking system. We enjoy to communicate with the professional fellow members and feel safe to be one of the family.

Lisa Shi TopwinnerLisa Shi, Export Director of TOPWINNER, enlisted in China P.R.:
Topwinner service ideas are High Efficiency/High Speed/High Quality/High Flexibility, and most C5C member we have worked with were able to supply the high level service and rate also. That is what we need and what we expected. So we love C5C!


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